text: The Bible and the Church Fathers  Image: 4 Apostles

A 12 week series, Tuesdays 7 pm on ZOOM

Please join us Tuesday September 21st at 7 pm for the Lesson 3 of the 12 episode Bible Study series The Bible and the Church Fathers.

The Bible and the Church Fathers showing a TV screen and a picture of Apostles

The 3rd lesson, Promise & Fulfillment, reveals how the Church Fathers had an impact on the development of Sacred Scripture and our understanding of what it teaches.

Salvation is the story of God’s desire to bring mankind into his family. Our salvation in Christ is one of promise and fulfillment based around God’s successive covenants with us, the people of God. Christ is the fulfillment of God’s promises.

In lesson 3, we will also review the meaning and significance of typology and what is meant by divine inspiration in the Scriptures.

Gather with us on Zoom to view the episode and then if you wish to stay, break into smaller groups for discussion.

Email Anne:  eannewaggoner@gmail.com  for the ZOOM link information.